Men and Family Counseling services

Our Mission

We look at what is working in a man’s life, what is not working and what changes he would like to see, and then set about developing practical strategies to bring about positive results.

Men & Family Counselling and Consultancy is a male-focused service which supports men who are experiencing difficulties in their lives to gain new skills

Men and Family Counseling services

offering psychotherapy and counseling services for Men

As a community partner we are committed to being available as a vital Nairobi’s psychotherapy resource, assuring responsive and accessible therapy services to those who seek our assistance. We remain mindful of cultural differences in our work and welcome people from different races, sexual orientations and religions.

Counselling for men

relationship issues

  • anger and frustration
  • grief over separation and the loss of day-to-day contact with their children
  • dealing with separation and divorce
  • conflict with their partners or ex-partners
  • fathering issues
  • anxiety and depression
  • feeling disconnected or isolated
  • midlife transitions.
  • Its never too late to seek help