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If men with depression and anxiety get professional help, their quality of life will improve. The right therapist can make all the difference


Our Men Counseling services

Men and Family Counselling

Kenya Men Counseling & personal therapy provides individual counseling therapy for men with depression, anxiety, anger, alcoholism, substance abuse treatment and more. We understand Kenyan men issues. As a professional counselers in Nairobi we are committed to being available as a vital Nairobi's psychotherapy resource, assuring responsive and accessible therapy services to those who seek our assistance. We remain mindful of cultural differences in our work and welcome people from different races, sexual orientations and religions.

Men's experience of considering counselling

It's hard to admit, but there are times when we need to reach out for help. As a Man , we know how hard that can be because times Men Get 'stuck' and we need to share Confidentiality and need help - so we want you to know you're not alone and there are solutions out there. Solutions like Kenya Men Counseling. As a counselor for men I've helped Men sort through every issue you can imagine, and with great success. Kenya Counseling for men can be the ideal place to solve challenges, but going to a counselor and revealing your problems to a stranger can be intimidating and uncomfortable.